Hospitable Bulgaria is ready to become your home for the summer and for all seasons! 
Pensioners in Bulgaria have special privileges in obtaining a residence permit. 
The mild climate, the clean air of Bulgaria and the abundance of the sun make it possible to maintain good health in excellent condition. 
The quality and prices of Bulgarian food and consumer goods make it possible to get the maximum desired at the lowest cost. 
The friendly attitude of the locals towards Russia and the Russians, as well as the absence of a language barrier, will make life in Bulgaria comfortable for you. 
The geography of the country and its membership of the country in the European Union and the residence permit in Bulgaria make it convenient to travel to many countries of the world, and convenient transport links with Russia make it possible to keep in touch with the homeland.

In Bulgaria, pensioners have a special status. They spread a simplified scheme of registration of a residence permit. Taking into account the relatively low prices for real estate, excellent climatic conditions, the absence of language and cultural barriers. Bulgaria is quite comfortable country for housing.

For information – Bulgaria is the cheapest to stay in the European Union. There is practically no winters on the coast, subzero temperatures can be several days. Products and manufactured goods are much cheaper than in Russia. Well, for lovers of fishing, starting in September and practically, all winter is just a paradise here: I catch a mullet, flounder-kalkana, garfish, and I start thinking about more serious fish.

It is worth noting that not only wealthy people can afford to buy property in this country, but also people with average and even modest incomes. The standard of living of this country makes it possible to live comfortably even to a person with an average pension. Of course, at the same time, additional income in the form of deposits in banks or rental of real estate will never hurt. But even in this case we are talking about a very real price level, which pensioners from Russia may well allow.

A person who has decided to stay for a long time abroad should solve the main tasks. To begin to solve the issue with a visa. While staying in Russia, you need to issue a long-stay visa category “D”. Then, being already in Bulgaria, one should obtain a residence permit, which is granted for one year. Having lived in this country for five years, it is possible to get a long-term residence permit for a period of five years.

The next issue is the purchase of real estate. You need to decide whether to buy real estate or choose a rental, and in the version with the acquisition, where and what is better to buy. 
And at the end of the financial component. When retired to a given country, Russian pensioners will be spending on everyday goods, spending on residency permits, taxes, utility bills and medical care. In general, Bulgaria can provide a place for the soul for people with any income, just start looking.

Pensioners from European countries have long chosen to live in this quiet corner of Europe.

In 2007 Bulgaria joined the EU. Russian pensioners who have received the right to reside today can expect that in the future they will become citizens of a united Europe and receive all those social benefits with which the European Union is famous. So we offer the Russians a new project: send your parents to Bulgaria, provide them with a calm old age!